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When I first met Dani, I didn’t want the night to end. We’re now married: Dating Diaries

Andrew is 23, lives in the east end and is a student and part-time government employee. Andrew is “friendly, funny, good-natured, outgoing and social, athletic, artistically and musically inclined and fun-loving.” He likes playing hockey and tennis, going scuba diving, riding motorcycles and working out at the gym. He also loves meeting people and talking to everyone. He says when he met Dani, it was “the best day of my life, at that point in time.”

A big social event that had been organized by my workplace was coming up and I saw a poster advertising some of the entertainment that would be part of the event. It included a music group of three women: one blond, one redhead and one brunette. I was suddenly even more excited about going to this party.

The group was great. I was really impressed with their voices and I have to admit they were gorgeous. After their show, the three of them happened to join the party. I ended up meeting the blond woman in the group and talking to her a bit. She was really good-looking. We danced, but there was no chemistry between us.

Somehow, I later ended up dancing with the redhead. Her name was Dani. We just clicked and had an instant connection. We had a great time dancing and getting to know each other. She was an amazing dancer. We found out that we both grew up in Toronto. She was also in university and this was her summer job. It turned out we had many coincidences and near run-ins, but had never met.

In the midst of this massive ballroom and big formal event, we just kind of fell together effortlessly and comfortably. It was crowded, but we stuck together for the rest of the night. When the party was winding down, I realized I didn’t want to say goodbye to Dani. She felt the same way. It felt like destiny that we had met.

My workplace at the time was located outside of the city and the venue was nearby. Dani had to get on a chartered bus that had been set up to take her and the other entertainers back downtown. She convinced the woman who was in charge of getting the entertainers on the bus to let me get on, too. I couldn’t believe she allowed it. It was hilarious. We were sitting together as the bus dropped off the various dancers and musicians at their destinations. It was already really late, but there was still a total party atmosphere on the bus. Dani was the second-last person to be dropped off. We had already exchanged information and spent most of the bus ride kissing before Dani had to get off the bus. I felt so lucky we had found a way to extend the night together.

Soon after, I was the only person left on the bus. I had to explain to the driver that I worked for the company that had hired the entertainment and had hitched a ride with them, and wasn’t actually supposed to be on the bus. The driver laughed and drove me back to the venue, which was close to where I lived during the summer. I was lucky he was heading back that way. It was daylight by the time we arrived. Luckily, I didn’t have to get up early for work that day.

The rest of the summer, I drove my motorcycle back and forth to see Dani whenever I could and, one night, ran out of gas on the way back. Dani took a bus to come see me and one time she missed the last bus home. Another time a co-worker lent me their car to see Dani and, while we were making out parked on a random street, a police officer tapped on the car door and told us to move along. It was always an adventure.

Dani turned out to be kind, generous and steady. At the end of the summer, she went back to school but we stayed in touch. We got married a few years later.

Andrew rates his date (out of 10): 10

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